About Us

MARKK-LAMB is a manufacturer of high performance Paint/coating to serve European technology to the Indian market. With liberalization, multinationals have come to the country with their latest technology and expertise. As a result customers have become more knowledgeable and their demands are ever increasing.

Under such a scenario, customer’s satisfaction has become the ultimate goal for every manufacturer. This has become a much debated and often maligned subject of the paint industry. Because, with the increased quality demand, the price of products also goes up proportionally. But END customers expect value addition in both quality and price.

Considering all the above mentioned facts Markk-lamb has come into picture to serve customers ever demanding quality expectation with the latest world class INPUTS and technology as per Indian climatic condition.

It will not be out of context to mention here that within a short span of time Markk-Lamb has built the confidence by import substitution with so many multinationals as a single source, with the help of world class raw material with world class technology from leading Companies indifferent segment worldwide.

Our Strengths

  • European Technology 
  • Best in Class Paints 
  • Complete R&D Support 
  • Availability of Varieties in Color 
  • Complete Testing Facilities for Paints and Powder Trusted 
  • Sources for Raw Material 
  • Excellent Infrastructure 
  • Quality Certified Products 
  • Strong Customer Trust 
  • Dedicated and Specialized Team  

Our Objectives

  • Tailor made requirements meeting specification and infrastructure available with customers.
  • Commercial viability with quality/value addition in existing systems considering long term durability.
  • Keeping the customer abreast of the latest technology.
  • After sales service to achieve Lab results on large scale Production.